Aceite Mineral Light USP


Otros nombres: -

Producto: Aceite mineral light

Número CAS: -

Presentación: Barriles de 175 kg

Certificado de Análisis (COA)
Appearance: Colourless & clear oily liquid free from odour
Solubility: Insoluble in water & Alcohol soluble in chloroform & solvent either
Weight per ml: 0.830 to 0.873
at 20c  
Kinematic Viscosity: 11 to 18 CST
at 37.8 c (Limit Max. 30 CST)
Colour Saybolt: +30
Reaction: Neutral
Readily Carbonisable Passes
Substance test  
Sulphur Compounds: Passes
Light Absorption: 0.022 to 0.048
at 240-280 nm  
(limit max. 0.1)  
Application: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Hair oils, Baby oils, Lubricating, Food processing etc.