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Multi Color Machines

No.: 734 Heidelberg SM 102 VP
CPC 1-02, Alcolor , Blanket washing devices
Grafix powder sprayer, Perfecting 2/2 4/0
apr. 88 mill.
built: 1985 , available: 9/11

2 Color Machines
Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling quick action plate clamps, Bacher Register Weko T 6 Powder Sprayer, Plus Version Total : apr. 60 mill built: 1991

conventional dampening-quick action plate clamps- Weko Powder Sprayer-Plus Version-N+P Total: apr. 36 mill Built: 1992

1 Color Machines

No.: 731 Heidelberg GTO 52
Standard damping, Quick Action Plate Clamps
Bacher Register, Plus- version
Apr,64,5 mills
built: 1987 , available: stock


No.: 732 Heidelberg GTO 46
Standard damping, Quick Action Plate Clamps
Bacher Registe, Plus- version
built: 1977 , available: stock


No.: 724 PM GTO 52-1
DDS damping
Quick Action Plate Clamps, Bacher Register 425mm Apr 20 mills
built: 2000 , available: stock

No.: 707 Polar 115 EM-Monitor
monitors, program, light barriers, Airtable, side tables Resopal with air standard accessories and tools built: 1987
No.: 727 Polar 115 EMC
program, light barriers, airtable, lift left + right
standard accessories and tools
built: 1984 , available: stock

No.: 668 POLAR 78 ES
integrated Monitor, Program, Light Barriers chromed Airtable with blower Side table chromed without air built: 1999


No.: 717 POLAR 92 ED
integrated colour Monitor, Program, Light Barriers
chromed Airtable with blower, Side tables Resopal with air 750x750mm
air corners, standard documents and tools
built: 1998 , available: stock


No.: 733 Polar 66
integrated Monitor, Program, Light Barriers
Main table without air
built: 1999 , available: 09/11


No.: 647 STAHL T50 4
Flat pile feeder, 4 pockets 1. Station, Slitting shaft, Shingle delivery built: 1993

No.: 728 MM Pony 246
5 clamps
hotmelt spine gluing
hotmelt side gluing
milling + roughening station
hand feed station - cover station
dust exhauster
built: 1993 , available: stock
No.: 735 Müller Martini 235/5
5 feeder , 1 Cover feeder 212
Stitching unit, Three knife trimmer DSS
available: 09/11
No.: 726 Perfecta Seypa D 30x42
Perfecta Seypa Three Knife Trimmer
Model D 30x42, built 1972
built: 1972 , available: 09/11
No.: 729 Foellmer single head stitching machine-LW35- brand new
round wire 20 to 26
clinched up to 22mm
stapped: up to 30mm
Throad deep for saddle stitching 355mm
built: 2011 , available: Aprx. 11/11
No.: 736 Polar RAB-5
Serial No. 67.82318
Built 1997
Jogger with air removal roller
built: 1997 , available: stock

Last updated October 11, 2011. Our stock list is updated constantly.